The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society has played a leading role in the development of agriculture and the rural economy in Wales for over a century, since its formation in 1904.

Today our work includes providing support for business, social welfare and education in rural communities, and the organisation and staging of our ever-popular society events; the Smallholding and Countryside Festival, the Royal Welsh Show  and the Winter Fair.


Royal Welsh Showground, Llanelwedd, Builth Wells, Powys. LD2 3SY

We look forward to seeing you at next years Smallholding & Countryside Festival 2022


Royal Welsh Showground, Llanelwedd, Builth Wells, Powys. LD2 3SY

We look forward to seeing you at this years Winter Fair being held on 29 – 30 November 2021!

All tickets must be purchased online before the event.

The safety of people attending society events is of paramount importance and we ask all visitors to note the information below. This advice should also be borne in mind when attending other associated events in the local area.

Prepare for the journey
The Royal Welsh Showground is easy to find but the access roads can become quite busy on event days and may include some slow moving traffic. Make sure you check for travel updates and plan your journey. Please follow the directions of police and traffic management personnel. Roads continue to be busy after dark.

Check the weather and be prepared
One of the best things about agricultural shows is being outdoors, but that can mean we are susceptible to the elements. Check the weather and plan accordingly… suncream and hats in hot weather, wellies and raincoats during wet weather and warm clothing in the winter.

When parking your car, please make a note of which car park you are in and where you have parked. During the Royal Welsh Show the park and ride service will bring you to and from the showground – please remember which bus you need to catch at the end of the day. During the other events, you will be parked on the lower end of the showground. Please make sure your car is locked and all valuables are removed from view.

Get to know locations
Your programme will include a map of the showground and there are ‘you are here’ signs situated around the site. Please take the time to identify key locations such as the toilets, first aid points and the lost children centre. Arrange a ‘meeting point’ with friends and family in case you get separated.

Stay hydrated
This is especially important during warm weather. You are welcome to bring drinks and picnics into the showground, although there will be a wide range of refreshments available from the traders onsite, as well as drinking water from the designated standpipes, located at each of our toilet blocks.

Give yourself a break
The showground is really big! You will be on your feet for a long time. Please make sure you wear comfortable footwear and take time to have a sit down and rest and enjoy our unique atmosphere and great entertainment.

Don’t feed the livestock
Please do not feed the livestock – they may be on special diets and may not be used to being handled. This is not a petting show.

Wash your hands
Make sure you wash your hands when you leave the livestock areas and especially before eating food. Hot and cold water and disinfectant soap is available in the designated hand washing areas and each of the toilets. This is to reduce the spread of potential infections, such as E. coli.

Be vigilant
Please be aware of your surroundings and report anything suspicious to, the police, a steward or staff member.

Leaving the showground
When leaving the event, especially on foot, please be aware of the increased traffic on the roads. Only cross at the designated crossing points and follow the directions of the stewards when necessary. Designated park and ride/bus stops and taxi ranks are identified on the maps.

Follow the Green Route

The Royal Welsh Show, and all engaged with associated events throughout the week, takes the safety of all our patrons very seriously.  You are specifically asked to exercise care when travelling between the various venues including the Showground, Young Peoples Village, Penmaenau Farm and Builth Wells Town.

In particular care should be taken to avoid the river and traffic on what can be a busy trunk road.  To facilitate safe travel between the various sites, a ‘Green Route’ has been established for those travelling on foot.  Please take time to study the route which will be clearly marked and make every effort to stick within it.  Your safe enjoyment of our events is our priority.

Drink responsibly
We understand that our events can be very sociable, but please drink responsibly and look after yourself and your friends. Please take particular care when walking between venues.

Local area
Llanelwedd and Builth Wells offer a large variety of local amenities, shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes, all just a short walk from the showground. However, please be aware of the busy road and the river when exploring the local area. Take care when moving between the town and other sites.

NO swimming
Please do not swim in the river. Even on a scorching hot day the river running past the Young Peoples Village, the caravan parks, car parks and through the town of Builth Wells and village of Llanelwedd can be very dangerous. There are deep pools and strong under-currents which are not visible from the surface. There are no safe crossing points, even during times of low water.

If you are bringing a caravan to an event, please be mindful of the fire risk associated with caravans and be responsible, e.g. when cooking, don’t leave pans unattended, have a working smoke detector and dry powder fire extinguisher. Also make sure you know where the fire extinguishers on the caravan site are.

Stay informed
If you have any queries, talk to one of the stewards on the showground – Stewards will be wearing a badge and may be carrying a radio or, in the event of an incident, be wearing an orange tabard.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, please help us by complying swiftly with any requests from the emergency services, stewards or staff members.

Security arrangements

We would like to reassure all attending the Royal Welsh Show that visitor safety has, and will continue to be, a number one priority for us.

We already have in place very robust event management and contingency plans which cover a vast number of different scenarios, and are created in conjunction with our local police and other key partners.

There is nothing to suggest any incident will happen at the show, however, to ensure our guests can relax and enjoy the show, we are increasing the security provision during the week, in line with the national trend. These measures, designed to reassure, will include an increased security staff, a larger police presence and random bag searches at the entrances to the showground.

We ask our visitors to help us with the following specifics:

  • Please be ready to show all your relevant tickets, passes or badge when asked.
  • Please ensure that if you have a vehicle pass, it is correctly displayed in your windscreen before approaching the car park/showground entrance.
  • Please report anything suspicious to, the police, a steward or staff member.
  • Please help us by complying swiftly with any requests from stewards or staff member.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We very much look forward to welcoming you to another fantastic Royal Welsh event.